Audio Translation & Transcription

Audio transcription allows you to transform any audio or video files into a written format. ONCALL has the expertise and technology to help you convert hours of audio or video to text quickly and easily.

Speech-to-Text Real-Time Automated Transcription

ONCALL provides real-time transcription via CaptionConnect, an automated, AI powered speech-to-text transcription tool. It transcribes lectures, interviews, meetings, conferences or workshops in real time with less than a seconds’ delay.

Live captioning of your lectures, events and conferences

Caption Connect uses the latest speech-to-text technology, providing greater than 95% transcription accuracy. It supports multiple devices and more than 100 languages.

Save thousands of hours a year by transcribing your audio and video files to text quickly and easily – ideal for lawyers, students, educators, journalists, podcasters and professional transcriptionists, all over the world.

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