Our Panel and Framework Contracts

Why spend time and money on lengthy and costly procurement procedures when the hard work has already been done for you?

You will be pleased to know that you can access ONCALL’s language services via one of the below Panel and Framework Contracts without having to go out to tender.

Formerly Health Purchasing Victoria, HSV is helping to deliver safe, affordable and sustainable healthcare for Victorians. ONCALL was awarded to the most recent Panel contract with HSV in November 2021 for the provision of all Language Services. The contract is available to access by all Public Health organisations in Victoria.

The MAV is a membership association and the legislated peak body for local government in Victoria. ONCALL was awarded to a Panel contract in April 2021 to provide translation services to all 79 Councils in Victoria.

ONCALL was awarded to the Standing Offer Arrangement for the provision of interpreting and translation services in 2018. This is a state-wide, whole-of-government arrangement available to all Queensland Government agencies and other eligible Queensland Government-funded service providers.

SA Health is committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Australians by providing leadership in health reform, public health services, health and medical research, policy development and planning, with an increased focus on wellbeing, illness prevention, early intervention and quality care.

ONCALL’s services can be accessed by all state-based public entities in South Australia via the SA Health Panel contract which was awarded in 2018 for the provision of all Language Services.

The Western Australia State Government is committed to ensuring that all Western Australians are provided with access to services that are responsive and of high quality. This includes those who are not able to communicate effectively in written and/or spoken Standard Australian English. ONCALL was awarded to the CUA WA Panel Language Services contract, which includes all state-based public entities including in health, justice, education and local government, in 2017.

CCS brings together policy, advice and direct buying; providing commercial services to the public sector and saving money for the taxpayer. Some of the largest customers on the CCS Framework contract include the Home Office, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

In May 2021, ONCALL was awarded to the Panel Contract (RM6141) as an approved supplier for Language Services, including:

  • Translation and Transcription Services (Lot 2);
  • Telephone and Video Interpreting (Lot 3),
  • Non-Spoken Face-to-Face and Video Interpreting (Lot 4 – all regions);
  • Managed Service to provide all language services (Lot 5 – all regions).

ESPO is a public sector owned professional buying organisation (PBO), specialised in providing a wide range of goods and services to the public sector for over 40 years. ONCALL was awarded a position on the ESPO Framework in 2020 for the following:

  • Lot 1 Managed Service for Language Services (Lot 1a Police; Lot 1b Health; Lot 1c Local Government);
  • Lot 2 Face to Face Interpretation Services – Spoken (all regions);
  • Lot 3 Face to Face Interpretation Services – Non-Spoken (all regions);
  • Lot 4 Remote Interpretation Services (Lot 4a Telephone; Lot 4b Video);
  • Lot 5 Translation Services.

NEPO undertakes high-value procurement in major strategic areas of spend in conjunction with North East local authorities and a range of associate members.

ONCALL has been awarded to a DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) for the provision of:

Lot 1: Regional – Face to Face Foreign Language

Lot 2: Regional – Telephone Foreign Language

Lot 3: Regional – Written/Braille Translation (Foreign Language/English)

Lot 4: National – Face to Face Foreign Language

Lot 5: National – Telephone Foreign Language

Lot 6: National – Written/Braille Translation (Foreign Language/English)

NOE CPC provides collaborative and bespoke procurement solutions to the NHS and other public sector organisations.

In July 2019, ONCALL was awarded to a Framework contract with NOE CPC to provide:

  • Face to Face Interpreting Services
  • Telephone Interpreting Services
  • Video Interpreting Services
  • Translation Services (including hard copy and electronic translation services)
  • Sensory impairment including Non-spoken languages e.g. British Sign Language (BSL)/ Sign Supported English (SSE) / Braille/ audio/ text relay/ SMS.

NHS Shared Business Services increase efficiency and quality, save time and money, and support world-class patient care.

In May 2021, ONCALL was awarded to a Framework contract with NHS SBS on the following Lots:

  • Lot 1 – Face to Face Interpretation
  • Lot 2 – BSL Interpretation and Translation
  • Lot 3 – Telephone Interpretation
  • Lot 4 – Document Translation, Transcription and Ancillary Services
  • Lot 5 – Video Interpretation
  • Lot 6 – One Stop Shop

NHS LPP is one of four national procurement hubs serving the health community in London and surrounding areas.

Since 2015, ONCALL has been delivering services to NHS LPP customers throughout the UK under a DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) under the following Lots:

  • Lot 1 – Multi-discipline (all language services)
  • Lot 2 – Face-to-Face Spoken Interpreting
  • Lot 3 – Face-to-Face Non-Spoken Interpreting
  • Lot 4 – Telephone and Video Interpreting
  • Lot 5 – Translation, Transcription and Ancillary Services

HealthTrust Europe operates nationally as a platform connecting healthcare provider and supplier communities to improve healthcare.

In April 2021, ONCALL was awarded a Framework Contract with HealthTrust Europe to provide the following services to HealthTrust Europe customers:

  • Lot 1: On-site and/or Remote Interpretation, Translation and Transcription Services.
  • Lot 2: Non-Spoken Interpretation and Translation Services

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