Multimedia Translation Services

With subtitles and closed-captioning, your content can instantly reach a wider and more diverse audience, making your content more accessible and helping to ensure that no one misses out. Monolingual closed-captions can allow Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to enjoy your content more effectively through the use of text-based alternatives to the audio content. Multilingual subtitles allow your message to go further or video content to be enjoyed by all.

As more and more video content is produced and in multiple languages, there is a greater need for fast and accurate subtitles and closed-captioning services. Multimedia Translation Services can include burning the subtitles directly onto the video or providing the .srt file to be uploaded with the video in the client’s own video-editing environment.


Voice Over Recordings

Effective voice overs aid the film or video’s visual composition and create a greater audience connection, providing clarity and impact by triggering emotions and aiding understanding of the visual content.

ONCALL’s project managers work with each of our “native speaker” voice-over artists to provide clear, perfectly timed results. We use the latest equipment and software to ensure your message is effectively conveyed through intonation, expression, and cultural relevance, enabling your audience to engage with your message in their own language.

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