Translation Memory

Reduce cost and time to market with translation memory

For clients who need to translate very repetitive information or for those who require ongoing translation of similar content, translation memory (also known as Computer-Assisted Translation – CAT) stores all translated segments as the translator is working.

For the next translation project, the Translation Project Manager uploads the new document into the Translation Memory which uses the previously translated content to populate with fuzzy matches, 100% matches and repetitions.

The translator then reviews and amends (where required) the translation directly in the translation memory, also translating any new content. This approach can reduce time to market and expenditure by up to 70% whilst improving consistency of your brand, message and terminology.

Benefits of Translation Memory


Adopting translation memory can accelerate the translation process and reduce your time to market

Cost Savings

Don’t pay full price for the same translation twice – ONCALL offers a sliding scale of costs for 100% and fuzzy matches

Improved consistency

Translation Memory tools allow you to lock terms or phrases to ensure that the same translation is used across all of your content

ONCALL works with expert translators using the latest software to ensure a high level of quality and accuracy is provided to clients.

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