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Telephone interpreting is the ideal communication solution in a number of scenarios, particularly for shorter non-sensitive meetings and in emergency situations.

Minutes of Telephone Interpreting delivered every year
Languages and dialects
seconds is the average connection time to a telephone interpreter

Our responsive and 24/7/365 telephone interpreting service connects clients with one of our highly qualified and experienced interpreters in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Innovation in Telephone Interpreting Service Provision

ONCALL has developed two innovative solutions to support the process


Automated and on-demand telephone interpreting platform

Access VoiceConnect, ONCALL’s responsive and on-demand telephone interpreting service, perfect for emergency situations

  • Bespoke IVR experience
  • Accessed via Client ID and PIN
  • Conference up to five parties on the same call
  • Up to 300 languages and dialects
  • Average connection times of 60 seconds or less


Pre-booked telephone interpreting conference call platform

Allow all parties (including the interpreter) to connect to a pre-booked telephone interpreting call, at the same time

  • Booked in advance via NextGen
  • Accessed via unique Conference ID
  • Unlimited conference call participants
  • Up to 300 languages and dialects
  • No waiting time for all parties to be connected manually

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Bespoke Reporting as Standard

ONCALL’s expert team will guide you on the best set-up in our system to ensure that we capture your organisation’s hierarchical structure, including cost centres and purchase orders, for accurate reporting and invoicing. Once you have received your Client IDs and PINs from ONCALL, access to the service is seamless.

Secure and Confidential Telephone Interpreting Service

At ONCALL, all our interpreters have undergone strict, rigorous recruitment procedures including reference, qualification, Police, Working with Children or Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks to ensure a secure and confidential service. ONCALL is committed to supporting compliance to ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements, to ensure consistent quality in the services we provide.

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