Localisation Service

Localisation is the way in which translated messages are refined to meet the cultural, functional and language needs of specific local markets.

ONCALL’s localisation service goes one step further than translation by ensuring that the target text is appropriate to the specific country or region in which it will be used. For example, website content may need to be modified to be more relevant for the local audience, or marketing or ad campaigns, might need different slogans or key messages for British, Australian and American audiences.

Localisation Service

Thirty years ago, over 80% of content on the internet was in English – today more than 40% is in languages other than English

Localise your content in hundreds of languages to reach global audiences

ONCALL offers a localisation service that can assist you to adapt your web content, by creating more relevant and appropriate messages for the local market.  Websites or marketing materials are updated and refined for distribution and consumption in a specific region. Assisting you to appeal to the buyer’s cultural preference in their own language.

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